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Dec 222019

🙏😊🌻 Blessings and happy Sunday! Here is your spiritual guidance for 12/22…

Today’s message is about being flexible in your approach to the things you want to create in your life. Quite often you will find yourself faced with obstacles and challenges on your path – some of which are caused by you and some of which are caused by things you have no idea of. The truth is that in this grand universe, everything and everyone are connected in ways we are only beginning to comprehend. So, it’s not about fault or blame for the obstacles, it is really about being able to change your plans to fit your current reality. You can be mad at the sky for raining on your party – ruining your mood and lowering your energy, or you can choose to embrace reality and choose to enjoy an indoor party. Leave a positive thought below if you needed to hear this today.
Blessings always!
Donna Marie & Bob


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Nov 162015

Donna Marie's weekly card reading videoBlessings! I’m happy to share your inspirational card reading video this week with spiritual guidance for week ahead. This week I drew a card for you from Doreen Virtue’s, “Angel Card Tarot” deck, and your message from Spirit this week is about your spiritual growth. Now is the time to look at your connection to source and acknowledge that your growth is divinely guided. It’s time to get your priorities straight and keep moving forward on your path.

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