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Intuition Exercise – Sliced Toast


Here is a another quick and easy intuition exercise that will help you sharpen your psychic skills.

Like any other skill, the more you practice your psychic abilities, the stronger and more reliable they become. Try this psychic exercise and see how you do. When you are done, you’ll find a link to several more psychic tests that you can play with.

Below are three pieces of toasted bread – each cut in a different manner. Can you sense which of the three choices below represent the way I always cut toast (and sandwiches)? I’ve been doing it the same way for many years.




Intuition Exercise:

Take two or three deep relaxing breaths and while looking at the image above ask yourself the question…

Which way does Donna Marie cut her toast?

Allow yourself to feel the energy of each of the choices.

Now pick the one that feels right to you!


Scroll down for the answer!


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Intuition Exercise Answer


The answer is A!

Did you get it right? Great!

If not, that’s okay! Keep practicing, and you will learn to hear and trust your inner voice when it whispers to you.


Click here for more intuition exercises!


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