Sep 152014

Blessings! Here is your weekly inspirational card reading video, drawn this week from Sonia Choquette’s “Ask Your Guides” oracle cards.  I love sharing these weekly messages from Spirit and my divine hope is that the messages I share in these video readings resonate with you and provide you the specific spiritual guidance you need for the coming week.  Enjoy! Continue reading »

Jun 092014

tin-foil-hatsSo often we overlook the gifts we come into this life with. Somehow we lose the knowing of our true purpose in life in the process of growing up and becoming what is expected of us even when it is not in alignment with who we really are and what we are meant to contribute to this world while we are here. Occasionally we have incidents on our path that just wake us up and leave no question in our mind of what direction we really need to head to be true to our life’s purpose. Continue reading »

Dec 072013

Enjoy this guest post from Holistic Business Coach Bob Crawford!
Intuition Rocks! That’s what it says on the back of our SUV, and that pretty much sums up how Donna Marie and I feel about intuition. We both believe that you have to learn to trust your intuition. It is such an important part of your life, and if you let it, your intuition can help you avoid many of life’s problems, before they become problems. I want to share with you a recent example of how listening to my intuition saved Donna Marie and I from being scammed and losing money. Continue reading »