12 Month Forecast

12 month forecast from Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

Would you like to see how the next 12 months are energetically lining up for you?

What would you be able to do with this knowledge? The sky is the limit… really!


Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

I’ll create a custom video forecast just for you that will empower you to…

>> Understand the energy surrounding each of the coming 12 months

>> Gain clarity around important events, plans, and decisions

>> Use this knowledge to better plan your life or business based on the energy patterns you are currently holding

Order your personal 12 month forecast video now!

Your custom 12 month forecast includes…


An intuitive card reading for each of the coming 12 months! Divine messages and guidance to help you in all areas of your life!


Video explanation of each month’s card, including any guidance or messages from Spirit I receive!


You’ll also receive pictures of your entire 12 card forecast! You can see clearly the cards chosen and may find additional guidance in their imagery.



24/7 Access

When complete, you will receive a link to your reading, which you can then download to your computer to save. No worries though, I’ll keep it online for the full year for you refer back to or download as you need!


A super value for 12 months of Divine Guidance!

This is truly a unique opportunity for you to gain a bigger perspective on the coming 12 months. See and understand the Divine timing and cycles of your life so that you can plan accordingly!

Order now to get your personal 12 Month Forecast by January 1st, 2021

Order your personal 12 Month Forecast today!

Blessings always,


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