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Angel Card Readings are a wonderful way to receive messages, inspiration, and guidance from your Angels and Guides. You can ask your Angels for guidance about any question you have or about any challenge that you may be going through and you will receive the Divine’s answer. Your Angels and guides are there to support and comfort you and will always lead you in the direction of your best and highest good. They want to help. All you have to do is ask!

I have been using different card decks in my own life for quite some time, and now I am honored to be able to offer this beautiful form of Divine connection to you!


About Angel Card Readings

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An Angel Card Reading uses a deck of cards based on the tarot deck, but without the doom and gloom normally associated with tarot cards. The Angel Cards from Doreen Virtue are positive and uplifting, and offer a way to strengthen your connection with your angels and guides by receiving their guidance.

As I interpret the cards for you and share with you the messages I receive about your question or concern, you will discover exactly what your Angels know to be your best path.

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader™, taught in-person by Doreen Virtue herself, and I really resonate with the card decks she has created. They are full of light and energy, and are beautifully illustrated too. The symbolism in the artwork, combined with the meaning of each card, and the intuitive messages I receive during your reading, will bring you much clarity and help you move forward on your life’s path.

Angel Card Cerificate


Video Angel Card Readings!

Since this is something new that I am offering you, I was moved by Spirit to offer it in a totally new way. So, for the first time, I am offering readings done by video.

I will record the reading and send it to you, so that you will see me pull your actual cards, and you will hear me interpret them and share the messages I receive. You will be able to download the video and keep it for yourself, so that you can refer back to it again and again as needed.

While there are many different ways to use Angel Cards in a reading, I have chosen to offer you two of the most popular – The 3 card spread and the 10 card Celtic Cross spread.


3 Card Spread – Video Reading

The 3 Card Spread is ideal if you are seeking guidance about a particular challenge or a single question. The reading consists of 3 cards, each of which deal with your question in a specific time frame. Three Card SpreadHere is what each card represents on a basic level:

  1. The first card talks about your immediate past as it relates to your question or concern.
  2. The second card reveals your current situation and what your Angels want you to know or work on.
  3. The third card shows you the immediate future if you continue on your present path and use the guidance provided by your second card.

This Angel Card Reading can provide you valuable insights and direction about any question that you seek guidance for.


Celtic Cross Spread – Video Reading

The Celtic Cross Spread is a 10 card reading and can be used for any topic and goes much deeper than the 3 Card spread. In addition to looking at your immediate past and immediate future, the Celtic Cross reveals the challenges you are currently facing, the effects of people around you, and the likely outcome of your situation. The Celtic Cross Spread is your best choice if you are seeking guidance around a theme such as:

  • Your life purpose
  • Abundance
  • Love and romance
  • Career
  • Any other area of your life
  • Any question you have for your Angels and guides

This spread will explore your inquiry in detail, and through both the cards and the intuitive messages I receive for you, you will gain a greater understanding of what you need to do to move forward in your life. Here is what each of the cards in the Celtic Cross Spread represent:

  1. The situation
  2. The current challenge affecting the issue
  3. The basis of the situation
  4. The past as it relates to the situation
  5. The present
  6. The near future
  7. Your power in the situation
  8. The effects of people around you
  9. Your hopes and fears
  10. The outcome

Celtic CrossThe Celtic Cross is the most popular spread in tarot, mainly because it explores all these aspects of your life that have a bearing on your ability to move in the direction of your best and highest good.


Ordering Your Video Angel Card Reading

Ordering your Video Angel Card Reading is simple. Just choose your reading below and submit your payment. Once your payment is complete you will brought back to this page, where you may fill in your information and submit your question or area of concern.


Step 1 – Choose your reading and submit your payment

Just choose your desired reading below and submit your payment.


3 Card Spread – $40


Celtic Cross Spread (10 Card) – $111



Step 2 – Submit your question

 **Important** Do not send your questions before submitting your payment. All readings require prepayment.

Once you have successfully submitted your payment, please fill out the form below and your reading request will be added to my queue. You can expect your reading to arrive in your in-box within 10-14 days, excluding Sundays and Holidays.


    That’s it! You will receive your video reading by email. Enjoy and be sure to accept the guidance your Angels and guides offer you with an open mind and an open heart!

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