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Are you searching for answers?
Are you are looking for direction?
Do you want to bring clarity to your journey in this life?
Do you want to receive messages from your loved ones in spirit?

Divine Connections!

Psychic Readings by Phone

Phone Readings

Definitely my most popular offering! Phone readings are available in several different session lengths for your spiritual guidance and psychic reading needs.

Psychic readings by zoom

Psychic Readings by Zoom

Zoom Sessions

If you prefer the face to face aspect of video chatting, you might prefer booking your psychic reading using one of my Zoom live video options…

In person psychic readings

In-person Psychic Readings

In-Person Readings

Looking to connect in person? Psychic readings are available in the central Alabama area for private readings, group sessions, parties, events and more!

Bundles of readings

Bundles of Readings

Bundles of Readings

Whether you desire spiritual guidance on an ongoing basis, or just like saving money, I offer several different bundles of readings.

Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings

What message or guidance do your Angels have for you? Find out with your very own personal Angel Card Reading!

Psychic readings by email

Email Readings

Email Readings

Getting your reading through email is easy and economical. Order 24/7 and receive your answers in your in-box!

Develop Your Intuition

Learn to connect, trust, and grow your psychic gifts

Intuitive Development & Mentoring

Private Intuitive Development Mentoring

Private one-to-one mentoring to help & guide you to connect with, trust in, and grow your psychic abilities!

Connect, Trust, & Grow Your Intuition!

Free To Be Psychic
Inner Circle

Join us in the Inner Circle for live monthly masterclasses, trainings, and workshops on all aspects of intuition.

When you live in the light,
there can be no darkness.

Donna Marie

About me

I’m an Intuitive Psychic Medium and am always honored to share spiritual guidance to help people connect with their own divine intuitive voice.

I have always had a way of knowing things that I had ‘no way of knowing’, but there are a couple of defining moments around my psychic abilities that I would like to share with you…

Kind words from clients

I love hearing back from clients who receive guidance, comfort, or validation!

I cannot say enough amazing things about working with Donna!!!!! She is AMAZING!!! Donna is the REAL DEAL!!! Do a session with her!

Donna is incredible! Very forthright and very connected to Spirit. LOVE her!!

Theresa Puckett


When I booked the reading I had a sense there was a message from a departed loved one that I needed to hear. Donna began the session with the message before I even asked a question. Very powerful and positive. I highly recommend a reading with Donna!

Sue Paterson

Donna Marie has helped me to clarify the most important aspects of my life purpose. With a gentle grace and heart centered approach Donna Marie delivers messages from spirit then makes sure that I understand why the message is coming through at this time. I prayed for guidance then found her. After the first 5 minutes on the phone I knew that God had brought me to her. My Angel guides wanted me to know that everything was going to be just fine as I was swimming through an ocean of emotions during a crisis. My heart was inconsolable and Donna Marie brought me to my center & peace.

Sun Principe

I had a soul connection with Donna Marie the instant I met her at an event several years ago. I continue to have sessions with her because she has helped me out so much through the years. I am so grateful for all the guidance, encouragement and cheerleading I have received. I always feel comfortable to say whatever is in my heart because I never feel judged by her and I always feel lighter and relieved from whatever burden I came to her with. I trust her wisdom; she is on target with her insights for whatever I come to her with. She is loving, nurturing, and gifted. I appreciate her so much and love her sense of humor.

Stacy Tarkowski

I had a reading with Donna and I can’t believe the wonders of having my heart validated so clearly from our short reading. I had one question and my head and my heart had been fighting over it for months. In just a very short reading I am now at peace and following my heart. Thank you so much Donna. You are truly gifted.

Karen Marshall

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Spiritual Guidance


Love… Relationships… Career… Life purpose???

Whether you are seeking a connection with a loved one who has passed, or spiritual guidance from the Divine, I’m always honored to share the messages and insights that come through during our session.

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