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Cause the Effects You Want in Your Life

Can you really cause the effects you want in your life? When it comes to manifesting your desires or creating a better life for yourself, there is a common belief, or should I say a common mis-belief that says, sometimes stuff just happens.

Stuff Happens

Yep. Stuff happens.

Stuff happens to you and around you that affects you.

Stuff that maybe you don’t want or that sets you back or keeps you stuck. Stuff that isn’t your fault.
And you know what? You might be right. Some of the stuff that happens to you that keeps you from manifesting the life you truly want might not be your fault.

But let’s look a little deeper, shall we?

You would probably agree that success doesn’t just happen randomly, right? Achieving your goals and creating the life you desire comes from making good decisions, from taking the right actions, and from being committed to actually doing what you need to in order to achieve your goals. It comes from trusting your intuition and being brave enough to step into the unknown once in a while.

But what about failure?

What about those times when life hands you challenge after challenge and things don’t go the way you want? Is failure random? Or is it the result of making bad decisions, of taking the wrong actions, and of not being committed to really reaching your dreams?

This is the law of cause and effect at work. The law of cause and effect says that everything in life is either a cause or an effect. Nothing just happens.
The things that happen to you and around you are causes. How you react to those events are the effects of those events.

Losing your job is a cause; the effect is the change it creates in your life. Maybe the effect is that you are moved into action to find another job, or maybe the effect is that you fall into a deep depression because your debts become terribly overwhelming.

Every Cause is also an Effect

The lesson we can learn from the law of cause and effect is that every cause creates effects. And every effect will in turn become a cause for more effects, and so on.

Every cause, every event, really creates an ever expanding circle of effects, with each effect creating new causes.


Don’t be. Look at it this way. Even though losing your job is a cause that can create many, many effects in your life, ‘losing your job’ is itself, really just an effect of some other cause. Maybe your job fell victim to the pandemic, or maybe your company’s business declilned, or maybe (gasp) you had performance issues or poor attendance.

You see, you can take any event and go back and look for the cause of that event. But looking for the cause of something that is troubling you today will never help you overcome that problem.

The only thing that can help you overcome your troubles today is for you to become a cause in your own life. You have to create the very effects that you want to see in your life.

Think about it. If making good decisions is a cause, what are the effects it creates? Are those effects more desirable than the effects you get from making bad decisions? You bet they are! Does taking the right actions create better effects than taking wrong actions? Or taking no action? Of course it does.

Becoming a Cause of the Effects You Want

Causing the effects you want in your life

By becoming a cause in your own life, by taking responsibility for how you react to the events in your life you create effects that move you in the direction of your dreams.

So what to do?

Begin by looking at where you want to go. What is it you want to achieve? What is it you want to create in your life?

In order to be the person who achieves or creates that life, you need to become the person that causes the kinds of effects that produce those results.
In order to be the person you want to be, you have to become the person who took the actions, who trusted their intuition, who stretched themselves outside of their comfort zone.

I believe the choice is always yours. You can choose to suffer at the hands of fate and allow yourself to fall short of your dreams, or you can decide to exercise your personal power and create your own destiny.

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