Don't be a Spiritual Gatekeeper! - Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

Are you a spiritual gatekeeper?

I stumbled across the phrase ‘spiritual gatekeeper’ the other day and it triggered a divine download within me that I would like to share with you.

As you move forward on your path, whatever that looks like for you, there are sure to be challenges that show up for you. Spiritual teachers and ascended masters tell us time and time again that the situations or people that show up wreaking havoc in your life are simply opportunities for you to grow. A lot of the time though, they can seem like just the opposite. They can feel like obstacles standing in your way.

It’s as if there is a gate on your path and not only is the gate closed, it is locked up tighter than Fort Knox. And the gatekeeper isn’t letting you pass.
So what happens when you reach that gate?

You might get frustrated that this gate has appeared on your path, but since you can’t get through it, you decide to turn around. (You quit.)

Or you might refuse to acknowledge the gate and run right into it, over and over and over. (You repeat the same mistake, hoping for a different outcome.)

But from what has been shared with me, the reality is that there is no gate. And the only gatekeeper is YOU. You see, the spiritual journey is different for each of us. You may breeze through things that challenge me and keep me stuck. And vice versa! I may be further along in some areas than you.
But none of that matters because there are no levels in spiritual growth. There are no blue ribbons or gold medals or shiny trophies. Each of us is simply trying to be a little better than we were yesterday.

So let me ask you…

What is keeping you from living life as the best version of yourself? What’s stopping you from elevating yourself to the way of being that you imagine yourself capable of becoming?

You know what I’m talking about. The YOU that you imagine yourself to be when you are daydreaming. The YOU that you wish you were when you replay events and situations in your head – where you are more relaxed, more confident, more at peace. Where you always have the right answer. Where everything flows naturally for you.

What is keeping you from being that you?

Maybe you don’t think you have it in you. (You do!)

Maybe you feel that the world is against you. (It’s not!)

Maybe you are tired of trying and getting knocked down. (Falling down is not a sin!)

Now I’m not saying that how you have thought or felt is wrong… I’m just saying that how you used to think and feel is not how you have to continue to think and feel.

Because it is always a choice. You might not realize it in the moment, because you have literally programmed yourself to make the choices that created the life you are living now, but each moment of each day is a choice. A choice to stay where you are or to move forward.

And the choice is YOURS.

You can keep putting up your gates, keep staying stuck; or you can free yourself of the need to create challenges for yourself and let yourself be free to grow.

And your best tool for doing so is your intuition. Your intuition will never lead you to a locked gate or a dead end. It will always point you in the direction of growth, peace, and joy.

So trust your intuitive voice, knowing that all is well!

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