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When you desire spiritual guidance on an ongoing basis…

Bundles of readings

I’ve been blessed to have so many wonderful clients coming back to me again and again for guidance and insights from Spirit. Many of them ask me about the availability of packages of readings. They would like the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they have the guidance they need at hand, whether that’s for the next month. or the next three months, or the next year.

I’m always happy to act when Spirit nudges me, so I went ahead and created a brand new offering for YOU!

When you purchase a bundle of readings, I add credits to your personal account on my booking calendar, which you can then use to schedule your readings according to your needs and desires. Use one a month or one a week… it is totally up to you!

Zoom Readings by the Bundle!

I’ve put together a selection of zoom reading bundles for you to choose from.

Each is a great value!

No matter which one you choose you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also gain the comfort of knowing that you have access to spiritual guidance and wisdom when you need it!

Which is right for you?

Readings by the Bundle

Bundle #1

You get 4 zoom sessions
1 hour each for only…


A $400 value!
You get an hour-long zoom session for free!

Bundle #2

You get 7 zoom sessions
1 hour each for only…


A $700 value!
That’s 2 free hour-long zoom sessions!

Bundle #3

You get 12 zoom sessions
1 hour each for only…


A $1200 Value!
You get 3 free hour-long zoom sessions!

How do I book my sessions?

After purchase, your reading credits will be applied to your personal account on my client booking calendar and you can then begin scheduling your sessions. How you use them is up to you! You can schedule them all out at once, or use them as needed. (Appointments on my calendar are often available as soon as the next day.)

Don’t have an account on my calendar yet? No worries, it is easy to set up and I’ll send you complete directions!

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