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How to Awaken Your Divine Intuition

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Video #3 – Intuition Practice with Playing Cards

Here is the final video in the ‘How to Awaken Your Divine Intuition’ series. In this video you will learn a simple, yet powerful exercise you can use to sharpen your intuitive skills.

A simple do-it-yourself guide to using cartomancy and traditional playing cards for seeking specific answers to life’s most burning questions.

By taking this course, you’ll learn the proven and ancient art of cartomancy with a modern and relevant twist. It offers experienced and beginner readers alike an easy, a by-the-numbers method for consulting traditional playing cards for practical insights into pressing issues including love, work, finances, and key relationships, as well as timing for important events to practical everyday tasks. This innovative approach will help boost your confidence, as well as bring greater precision, depth, and accuracy to your psychic readings for personal and/ or professional use.

This course walks you through the simple steps to mastering this intuitive language of traditional playing cards, check this site out for online games. Included are memory tools such as printable flashcards and quick reference guides, as well as tips, examples, quizzes, and exercises to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible.

We begin with establishing that special energetic bond for you with your “divine” deck. Next, you’ll discover the significance of the colors, suits, and numeric energies, as well as learn clear modern definitions and interpretations for each card. From there, you’ll master simple spreads and effective multidimensional techniques for consulting with the cards for quick answers and in-depth insights for important decisions…. with outlooks 3-5 years into the future.

From quick yes/no/ maybe, intentions, and timing questions to descriptive and description inquiries… by the end of this course, you’ll be proficient with spreads and techniques for delivering in-depth accurate readings using traditional playing cards. Know how to best approach the cards when facing important choices. But most importantly, experience how the cards can help you better your life!

Love: If single, finding and choosing your best partner. (Is he/ she “the one”?) And if in a relationship, discovering lessons and growth opportunities.

Relationships: Viewing intentions of family members, friends, and colleagues from a place of awareness and empowerment.

Career & Finances: Recognizing favorable outlooks of opportunities… whether to stay the course or make a change.

Timing: Identifying life cycles and affects on important life events, major moves, or just practical everyday tasks.

Home: Looking at outlooks of pending or upcoming changes involving your home.

And much more!

So enroll and enjoy furthering your own psychic abilities for personal and/ or professional use. And discover the opportunities of a life experienced with greater clarity and confidence.

Students completing this courses will receive a certificate of completion and accreditation from the Psychic Learning Academy.

Disclaimer: The course instructor/creator is not responsible for any interpretations and decisions made or used by the recipient of the information from this course. For financial issues, consult a tax or financial professional. For medical or mental health issues, consult a medical or mental health professional. For legal issues, consult a legal professional.

I hope you are enjoying these videos. As you can see, awakening your Divine intuition isn’t hard, you just have to practice and have fun.


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Blessings Always!

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