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Weekly Inspirational Card Reading Video – week of July 6, 2015

Inspirational card reading for week of July 6, 2015.

Blessings! It is an honor for me to share your inspirational card reading video with spiritual guidance for the coming week. This week I drew a card for you from Louise Hay’s, “Power Thoughts Cards” deck, and your message this week is about experiencing love and expressing love in our lives. Love comes in many shapes and forms and the more of it we allow both in our lives and in ourselves the more peace and joy you will have!

Your Inspirational Card Reading Video for week of February 23, 2015

Blessings! ♥♥♥ Your inspirational card reading this week features a card from Sylvia Browne’s, “My Spiritual Reading Cards” deck and your message this week is to free yourself of the negativity in your life. My intention each week as I draw your card is that you receive valuable guidance for the coming week. Be sure to leave a comment down below and tell me how this week’s message resonated with you. Enjoy, and please share with those you love! ♥♥♥

Inspirational Card Reading Video – Week of October 13, 2014

Inspirational card reading video for week of October 13, 2014

Blessings! This is my weekly inspirational card reading video, where I share with you inspiration and spiritual guidance for the upcoming week. This week I am drawing a card from Esther and Jerry Hicks’ “Well-Being Cards”. I believe that you were drawn to this page for a divine reason, so I invite you to watch the video and embrace the message that Spirit is sharing.

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