Weekly Inspirational Card Reading Video - week of June 22, 2015 - Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

4 thoughts on “Weekly Inspirational Card Reading Video – week of June 22, 2015”

  1. Mara Lemanis Cunningham

    Dear Donna Marie,
    You just gifted me with a wondrous free VIP member reading over the phone, and while I am trying to react to this with “non-attachment,” I am very happy to feel much joy at the news you offered through Spirit about my upcoming publication.
    –I’m the one who’s been laboring in the verbal vineyard for over 30 years, seeking readers to whom I could give pleasure and whatever insights Spirit has given me; I’m also the same person whose “crossed-over” grandfather provided the name of the press that would publish my most recent novel!
    …You are a treasure to us, Donna Marie, and we all appreciate your generous heart.

    1. Donna Marie Crawford

      Thank you for allowing me the honor of sharing messages and insights with you from spirit. I appreciate you sharing your experience of direct communication from your grandfather in spirit with all of us on the call and all that will listen to the recording as well. Success is meant to be for you and spirit is supporting all your efforts and destiny. I’m looking forward to enjoying your work so please do keep me posted so I can help you get the word out when the books are released.
      Blessings always
      Donna Marie

  2. Mara Lemanis Cunningham

    Dear Donna Marie–I’d love for you to get the word out when my novel is released!
    Wow, thank you!
    I also wish to contact you and get a reading on my husband’s health and a couple of other things either by phone or a 3-question e-mail: I think phone would be best as it’s quicker. Just trying to figure the time–Saturday around 1pm (pacific time; that’s 4pm your time; 2 years back I was living in CT :)) would be good for me but don’t know what is best for you.

    I know that you’ve been dealing with some gnarly health issues, so I’ll be looking forward shortly to know of a time that’s convenient to you and all that you do.

    Loving thoughts to you and Bob and all your family, doggies included.

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