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With all the attention that the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination is getting this week, I found myself thinking about the way that we, as individuals make an impact on the world around us. Some people, like JFK, have an energy that creates a huge effect on lots of people. Their light shines brightly. They attract success. People like that are easy to find.

But often it is hard to look at our own lives and recognize the impact that we make on those around us. We don’t acknowledge the power that we have. We don’t recognize that our energy, the energy that we use on a daily basis, has the ability to effect others.

Your energy level, both physical and spiritual, is what creates your life and controls how much peace and happiness you experience. You probably already know that. But your vibrational energy also has a lot to do with the impact that you have on others. When your vibrational energy is low, people around you can feel it.

You can often sense when someone’s energy is ‘off’. There have probably even been times when you have been near someone whose energy was so low or so negative that you just wanted to get away from them. Just being in the same room with people like that can start to bring your own energy down.

The truth is that you have a greater impact on those around you than you may realize. Look at your own life and you will discover that the ‘you’ that you are today has been shaped by countless people. Your parents, your family, and your friends, all contributed a great deal to your life as it is today. But so have your teachers, mentors, co-workers, and even total strangers.  Their energy has touched you in one way or another.

Your energy touches others in a similar way. The higher your energy is, the greater possible impact you have on everyone else. You might not think about the effect you have on those around you, but it is always there.

It is easy to look at people like John Kennedy and the lasting effect they create in the world with their energy, and to feel like your life is less special or that you make less of an impact.  But you are unique, and your unique energy touches people in a way that only you can.

In the end, it is not about how many people you impact that measures the success of your life, but how deeply you impact those that you do touch!

Blessings Always,


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