Which Type of Psychic Reading Is Right For You? - Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

There are a lot of choices when it comes to getting a psychic reading, and it isn’t always easy to know which type of psychic reading is right for you. Which type of reading you choose depends upon what you want to get out of your reading, how simple or complex your questions are, and how quickly you need your answers.

An in person reading – where you sit down face to face with a psychic medium, is what most people think of when they think of contacting a psychic medium. Which is why you might be surprised to learn that I also offer readings by phone and by email. In fact, I am honored to have served hundreds of phone and email clients in more than twenty different countries all around the world.

As an Intuitive Psychic Medium I am blessed with the ability to connect with the energy of your loved ones in Spirit and communicate their messages of love and support to you. I also share Divine Guidance in response to your questions concerning your future path, including your relationships, your career, your health, your finances, or any area of your life that you seek spiritual guidance about.

The amazing part of this process, is that the Divine energy I connect with, the Divine energy that you and I are made of, has no limits. Whether you are sitting on the sofa with me in my office, talking on the phone with me from the other side of the country, or writing your questions to me through email from anywhere on the planet, I am able to connect with Spirit, with you, and with your loved ones who have passed, and share with you the messages I receive.

In person readings are great if you are local or visiting the area, and allow you to be more interactive during the reading and let us connect on a more personal level than other types of readings. You can ask questions and explore areas in greater depth.

Many people choose to have their psychic reading by phone – even local clients – because it is simpler and more convenient than driving to an appointment. Plus, I have made it easy for my clients to book their own phone readings using my Online Phone Reading Calendar. This special web page lets you check available times and book your own phone reading appointments.

Email readings are a good choice if you have a few simple questions that you need answered. You can order an email reading any time of the day or night through my website. Because my email readings are quite popular, it can take 4 to 5 days for your reading. If you need a reading sooner than that, you are better off with either an in person or phone reading, both of which can often be booked for the next day.

Whichever type of reading you choose, be assured that I will deliver any messages I receive from Spirit with compassion and empathy, giving you validation and confirmation that your loved ones are still with you, loving and supporting you.

Donna Marie CrawfordDonna Marie Crawford is an Intuitive Psychic Medium, and offers private in-person readings at her office in central Connecticut. She also offers readings by phone and by email, and is available for group readings, private parties and events. To book a private in-person reading with Donna Marie, call her at 860-634-0081. For phone readings or email readings please visit her website at www.donnamariecrawford.com where you will find details of all her offerings and you will also receive an invitation to join her VIP group for free!



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