Accepting Love From the Other Side - Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

It is easy to feel lost and alone when someone you care deeply about transitions to the other side. The physical aspects of their love are no longer here, and naturally you experience a sense of loss. That sense of loss, or grief, can be numbing and can cause you to shut down and withdraw. But the love that you felt when they were alive doesn’t die when they do. It continues! But like your loved ones themselves, it does so in a different form. If you are willing to try, you can still feel it. Love never goes away! Like any other form of energy, love can never be destroyed. It simply changes form. It is only hard for you to feel the loving energy  of your family and friends on the other side because you are so rooted in this physical reality. When you allow yourself to step back and ‘feel’ with your soul, you will realize that the love is still there. It has changed form, but it is still there.  It is pouring out to you and filling your life whether you realize it or not.

The challenge you face when a loved one passes, is acknowledging that the love you were so used to experiencing here on earth has now changed. In can seem that the love you felt so strongly while your loved ones were here on earth has seemingly left you forever, but in fact, their love has grown beyond your comprehension. Their love is now complete, and totally without judgement. They simply love you.

That love is there for you to experience and feel anytime you desire. It is a feeling, a sense of warmth and care, that touches your entire being. If you allow yourself to relax, you will feel it. It might take a little practice, because you are trying to feel energies that you might not have been open to feeling before.

Ask Spirit to help you relax and connect with the love you are missing. It is there waiting for you.

Blessings always!


Donna Marie CrawfordDonna Marie Crawford is an Intuitive Psychic Medium, and offers private in-person readings at her office in central Connecticut. She also offers readings by phone and by email, and is available for group readings, private parties and events. To book a private in-person reading with Donna Marie, call her at 860-634-0081. For phone readings or email readings please visit her website at where you will find details of all her offerings and you will also receive an invitation to join her VIP group for free!



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