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Here is your weekly inspirational card reading video, where I share with you inspiration and spiritual guidance for the upcoming week. This week I am drawing a card from Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Tarot Card” deck.  I invite you to watch the video and embrace the message that Spirit is sharing. My divine hope and intention is that the messages I share in these weekly video readings provide you the specific spiritual guidance you need for the coming week. Enjoy!


Here is your inspirational card reading video for this week:


And here is the card I drew for you this week:

Inspirational Card Reading  for week of 10-20-2014
This week’s card from the Angel Card Tarot


Have a great week and blessings always!




I’d be delighted if you would leave a comment and let me know how this week’s inspirational card reading resonated with you. What did it bring up for you? Also, please help me spread the love by sharing using the social sharing buttons below!


Donna Marie CrawfordDonna Marie Crawford is an Intuitive Psychic Medium, and offers private in-person readings at her office in central Connecticut. She also offers readings by phone and by email, and is available for group readings, private parties and events. To book a private in-person reading with Donna Marie, call her at 860-634-0081. For phone readings or email readings please visit her website at where you will find details of all her offerings and you will also receive an invitation to join her VIP group for free!


2 thoughts on “Donna Marie’s Inspirational Card Reading Video – Week of 10-20-2014”

  1. Mara L Cunningham

    This invocation of Trust is lovely, but gaining clarity in response to questions is often very difficult.
    My intuition does stray a bit and sometimes gives me what I would like to hear rather than what is real or true. At times even meditating before asking the question does not smooth the path toward the answer that matches the actual outcome.
    …I’ll try to Trust regardless and hope for improved intuition.
    Thank you again, Donna Marie.

  2. Thank you Donna Marie. Every week that I listen to your reading, I find a nugget of gold in what you speak about. I am a skeptic in my own intuition and tend to fall into thinking instead of listening to it. Thanks for the message to trust it.

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