Tin Foil Hats - Part 2 - Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford
Bob being funny!
Bob being funny!
Bob being funny!

Ok, so I promised to share the rest of my tin foil hat story (click here to read part 1) with you. A couple months after finding Bob and Cindy trying to keep me from knowing what they were thinking by making and wearing tin foil hats, I was continuing to explore my connection with Spirit and trying to figure out if I could use psychometry, (receiving psychic impressions from objects), to receive and share messages with others.

I wanted to experiment with items from others to see if it was even possible for me to receive messages from items. So I asked my husband if he would please ask the guys he worked with to help me and give him some things for me to work with, and asked him to make sure not to let me know who they were from or anything about these things.

They were happy to help and brought my husband a variety of things for me to connect with. Well, when I sat down and gave it a try I was amazed how much information I was given that was connected to each and every item I picked up. I wrote down all my impressions and Bob gave them back to their perspective owner with what I had received and they were in disbelief how accurate I was when I shared what I had received from Spirit.

My husband had told these guys at work about him and Cindy making the tin foil hats to try to keep me out of their minds and now they decided it would be funny to do it to me again.

So….. when I went to pick my husband up a couple of days later, all the guys who work on the shift, 5 grown men all together, walked out of work with tin foil hats on!

I could not believe my eyes. They all proudly marched to their cars with very differently shaped tin foil hats on and left without a word to me. I have to make sure to add that these guys NEVER walk out of the shop at the same time. I cracked up! To see all these guys with toil foil on their heads was hysterical. My husband was quick to say it wasn’t his idea. His buddy, Mitch, got all the guys to do it.

It was so funny! I am sure I will keep this memory close to my heart for many years to come. Thanks guys, for making me laugh and taking the time to help me become more comfortable with exploring my connection with Spirit and the ability to share messages and insights with others!!!



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