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What is psychometry?

We’ve talked a lot about using your intuition to connect with Spirit, with other people, and even with the living parts of nature, but this month in the Free To Be Psychic Inner Circle we are exploring your ability to connect with the energy of objects! Click here to be save your seat at this exciting masterclass!

Reading the energy or vibes of an object is a fascinating way to play with your intuition. In fact, it has a fancy name – Psychometry! It’s all about using your intuition to pick up on the energy or ‘vibes’ left by an object’s owner.

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to some things in your world, and not to others? The simple answer is that you resonate with the energy of some things, and you don’t resonate with the energy of others. But what is it really that you are resonating or not resonating with?

Well, it’s easy to think of the material things in your world – jewelry, clothing, books, cars, etc. – as inanimate or lifeless. In reality though, these objects all have their own unique energy, some of which you are attracted to, and some of which you are not.

But personal objects like these also tend to absorb the vibrational patterns or energy of their owner. This is because the things you handle a lot, the things you care for, the things that have an emotional meaning for you; these things become connected to you and you to them.

You, as an energetic being yourself, can pick up on, or ‘read’ this energy intuitively.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this many times before in your own life.

Have you ever gotten a hand-me-down piece of clothing or picked up clothing at a second hand store? And have you ever felt, at least at first, that, even though you like it, it just didn’t feel right? It didn’t feel ‘yours’? Over time though, and often without you noticing, you discover that those feelings lessen and eventually it becomes ‘yours’.

The same is true of a new house, apartment, or car. At first you don’t feel connected to your new environment, but eventually that connection is strengthened and you feel at home there.

This energetic connection deepens over time and leaves a kind of psychic imprint behind – one that can be felt and explored by opening your intuition and connecting with the energy of a thing.

Learn how to use Psychometry

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