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Are you letting your fears hold you back and keep you from creating the life you want? Then you are not alone. Fear of one sort or another is usually the basic factor in a lack of success in just about any area of life. In fact, fear is the biggest dream killer I know of. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is a simple method that will help you overcome your fear so that you can achieve your goals.

If you have been struggling, if you have been wanting to change your life, but you find yourself unable to, you are probably stuck in a vicious cycle of fear. The good news is that you can break through your fear. You can change your life, or anything about your life, right now – in spite of those fears.

Fear can be a powerful motivator, and it serves a real purpose in your life, but unfortunately, fear will often motivate you to take the wrong actions. It can cause you to act without thinking. Which, when we are talking about making positive changes to your life, is where you start to run into trouble. The problem is that the fear is often imaginary. It has no basis in reality.

Here is an easy way to beat your fears so that you can begin to actually achieve the goals that you set for yourself..

The first step in the process is to be honest with yourself. While this may not seem easy at first, the more honest you are with yourself, the better your results will be. You might find yourself making excuses or blaming things outside yourself for your lack of results. This is not usually the case. Dig deeper into this fear and try to discover what it is that you are really afraid of doing.

The answer lies within you.

There is something that you know you should do, something that you are not doing, that if you did it, would move you toward your goal. Sometimes you just can’t figure it out by yourself. Sometimes your problems are so big and so overwhelming that they stop you from seeing your solutions. If this happens to you, try enlisting the help of a loved one or a trusted friend or your success coach or mentor. A fresh perspective on your situation is often all it takes to see what you need to do next.

Once you discover what it is you are afraid of doing, the next step is to eliminate the fear… by doing the thing that you are afraid of doing. Your have to find that ‘thing’… and then do it. Yes, it sounds crazy! Yet, it is also the only way to move beyond the fear that Is holding you back. You decide to do the thing, in spite of the fear. Once you actually do the thing, you will wonder what the big deal was in the first place.

When you get serious about reaching your dreams, when you get serious about changing your life, you will be able to overcome fear and achieve your goals.

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