Weekly Inspirational Card Reading Video - Week of December 15, 2014 - Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

10 thoughts on “Weekly Inspirational Card Reading Video – Week of December 15, 2014”

  1. Thank you for this. Been struggling trying to find a way to help financially in our home. Making ends meet on my hubby’s check alone is ridiculously tight. I work once a week doing massage but it’s draining on my hands I can’t do it much longer anymore. Been thinking of maybe taking an online wholistic nutrition basic certification course wasn’t sure if I shoild. My father in law thinks making money doing our passions isn’t always feasible so I was stuck then saw your video and the part of self employment and our passions. Thank you for this ❤️

    1. Donna Marie Crawford

      Thank you for taking your time to connect with the messages and insights Spirit shared with us all this week! We are always guiding us to follow our passions, it is really what we are meant to do on this journey of life and when we do we always moving in the direction of happiness and joy and fulfillment.

  2. Donna Marie, this reading in particular comes at a very opportune time. My business is going through a rough patch and this is a reminder that I do need to reconnect to Source. Enjoying the little things is a great message. That inner attitude can be so easily lost this time of year….I am guilty of doing just that in the hunt for the perfect gift.

    1. Donna Marie Crawford

      Thank you for allowing me to know how the messages from Source connected with you and how divine the timing is for you to receive. I wish you a Joyous Holiday Season!

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