Show Up and Grow! The 30 day challenge that WILL change your life! - Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

What area of your life has been calling out to you, begging for your love and attention? Is it your relationships? Your health? Your career? Your money? What would it feel like if you could finally move forward in that area? In a big way?

You can! All it takes is a little focus and a willingness to really show up in your life… in a way that helps you make those changes you want to make. Bob and I know how hard it can seem to grow certain areas of your life. That’s why we created the 30 Day Show Up and Grow Challenge, to give you everything you need to really zero in on one specific area of your life and make some meaningful changes!

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This is going to be a fun event. We’ve got lots of great stuff to help you through the challenge. Daily inspiration and motivation, support, accountability, handouts, plus some cool bonuses and other surprises!

This is for you if you are tired of struggling, tired of getting lousy results, tired of feeling like you are missing out on joy and happiness in your life.

The fun starts September 1st with a powerful, live kick-off call that will set the stage and get you ready for 30 days of love, light, and yes, even a little laughter!

Remember, what you focus on grows. Isn’t it time to show up and grow?

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I’d be delighted if you would leave a comment and let me know what you think about our new challenge. What did it bring up for you? Is there an area of your life that could really use your undivided love and attention for 30 days? Also, please help me spread the love♥ by sharing using the social sharing buttons below! Thank you!


Donna Marie CrawfordDonna Marie Crawford is an Intuitive Psychic Medium, and offers private in-person readings at her offices in central Connecticut. She also offers live Skype video readings, readings by phone and by email, and is available for group readings, private parties and events. To book a private in-person reading with Donna Marie, call her at 860-634-0081. For Skype video readings, phone readings, or email readings please visit her website at where you will find details of all her offerings and you will also receive an invitation to join her VIP group for free!


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