Signs From the Universe - Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford

Is the universe sending you signs and signals? 


If it is, are you aware of them?  Are you taking advantage of them? Or are you troubled and confused by the apparent contradictory signs that you receive from the universe?

If so, you aren’t alone! In fact, you are experiencing the same challenges that many of us face when it comes to receiving and acting on guidance from sources outside of ourselves.

I believe that there are two main areas where you can get hung up when it comes to interpreting signs and guidance from the universe,.

Let’s look at each of these areas:

The first challenge to being aware of and taking advantage of the signs around you is your ability to separate your desires from your reality.

Sometimes, your ‘wanting’ a particular answer or outcome to a situation influences your perception of the signs around you.  In other words, instead of trying to interpret a sign and trying to understand what it means to you, you look for signs to prove that you made the right choice.  Worse yet, you ignore obvious signs from the universe because you don’t want to accept guidance in a particular direction.

This backwards approach to accepting universal guidance ALWAYS leads to struggle and confusion.  Why?  Because after the fact you can always find a sign to support your decision, no matter what you decide.  Always.

The act of desiring a certain outcome will cause you to filter what you see and hear and as a result you start interpreting from a mental level and not from an inner level.  Its important to allow yourself to feel your emotional reaction to the signs that you experience.  The emotions you feel are a reaction from your inner self.  If there is no emotional reaction to the experience of a ‘sign’ then you are in that mental state – making the signs fit the circumstances.

In fact, if you desire a certain outcome there really is no need to be worrying about signs in the first place, because you have already decided what you want.  You’re not looking for guidance, you’re just looking for affirmation.  But the only real affirmation you need is your desire.  I believe we are all given the tools we need to move and act in harmony with the universe and our intentions.

The second challenge when it comes to interpreting signs is avoiding the temptation to bargain with the universe or to set guidelines about the shape and meaning of the signs that you encounter.  I’ve been guilty of this one myself.

“I’m only going to do this if you show me a sign.”

“If the next car I see is a red one, then I’ll take the job.” (or make whatever choice you are uncertain about.)

These are examples of trying to set boundaries for the signs that you want.  Rather than experiencing an event and having a clear understanding that the event has some meaning for you, you are trying to force signs to appear at your command.

This leads to trouble too, because once again you are not operating from an inner level, you are up there in your head, thinking and causing trouble for yourself.

Asking for guidance and then waiting for a sign to help you choose a direction or make a decision is fine… but saying to the universe, “Alright, if you really want me to do this then show me a sign,” doesn’t work.

The bottom line when seeking guidance of any kind, from any source, is always the same.  Trust your heart.  When you are faced with a decision and are seeking guidance from your creator or the universe you have to step back and allow yourself to experience what you need.  This can be difficult, especially if you are in the middle of a crisis, but it is only by allowing and not forcing that you will find yourself recognizing meaningful signs and messages.

Like so many other aspects of your self growth, learning to see and use these signs and messages begins by trusting your inner self and staying out of your own way!


p.s.: Why not leave a comment and share your take on the sign vs. coincidence issue?

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