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Enjoy this guest post from Bob Crawford!
Intuition Rocks! That’s what it says on the back of our SUV, and that pretty much sums up how Donna Marie and I feel about intuition. We both believe that you have to learn to trust your intuition. It is such an important part of your life, and if you let it, your intuition can help you avoid many of life’s problems, before they become problems. I want to share with you a recent example of how listening to my intuition saved Donna Marie and I from being scammed and losing money.

Intuition and myself are not strangers. While I’m not anywhere near the level that Donna Marie is at when it comes to tapping into that amazing Divine energy, I will say that I do use my intuition quite a lot. Most of the time, my intuition is subtle, and I take it for granted. After all, I’ve been married to a psychic for ten years. Our life is full of synchronicity, psychic moments, and Spirit.

I have so many stories that I could tell you about the psychic connection that Donna Marie and I share, or about the countless times we have manifested exactly what we needed – exactly when we needed it – that I could write a book.

(In fact, I have been threatening Donna Marie that I will write a book – not necessarily about intuition, but more about the sheer craziness and bizarre happenings that come from living with someone who talks to dead people! She will probably poke me in the side when she reads this and ask me when I am going to really write that book.  But it is her turn. I’ve already written my first book. She knows she is going to write one sooner or later. She already has a title for it. And I know that it will be amazing when she writes it. So I need you to help me out. In the comments down below this article I would love it if you would give Donna Marie a few words of encouragement or inspiration, and let her know that the world wants to hear from her! Thanks ahead of time!)

Anyway, back to our story…

Recently I experienced a wonderful and direct example of the benefit of trusting my intuition. I listened to my inner voice, and by doing so, I became aware of a problem and was able to avoid it with a minimum of fuss.

Donna Marie has a really easy to use system on her website that allows her clients to self-book their own telephone readings. When someone wants to book a psychic reading by phone, her website allows them to see what time slots are available and then lets them book and pay for their reading, all automatically and all online. It works for 99.9% of her clients. Occasionally though, someone will call, either because they had a hard time with the website, or they just aren’t comfortable on the computer. They will leave a message and I’ll get back to them and either walk them through the process of booking a phone reading, or I will book it manually for them.

We had such a call the other day. A really pleasant gentleman left a message asking about booking an appointment with Donna Marie. She was busy doing readings at the time, but had a last minute cancellation for an appointment later that afternoon, so I offered to call this man back and see if he wanted the now open appointment.  He and I spoke briefly and he told me he was on the road at the moment, but really wanted the open appointment today. So I explained how to make a manual payment to Donna Marie for the reading, and told him once we received payment I would put him on her calendar.

After hanging up with him, I was sitting there at my desk and I was struck, literally struck, with the thought that I should Google this guy’s phone number. This is something I never do. I have never looked up someone’s phone number on Google.  I have looked up an area code to see where someone is calling from, but never a whole number.

I type in the digits of his phone number and hit enter, expecting to see some sort of listing that will tell me where he is calling from. Instead, the first 3 or 4 listings in the search results are for some websites that allow people to report the phone numbers of telemarketers and the like.

I see in the listings the phone number I just entered and below that, in the little blurb that Google shows about each site I also see words like “scammer” and “avoid this guy”.  That got my interest. Clicking through to the website, I read a couple of different reports about a man using this same phone number to try to scam people out of services. One of the reports was even from another psychic medium, who told how he tried to fool her with fake Paypal documents.

That is exactly what he tried to do to us. I showed Donna Marie what I found from Googling his phone number and we both got a good laugh out of the situation. But it got even funnier when he called shortly before his unconfirmed appointment, wanting to know if we had gotten his payment. Checking Paypal while on the phone with him I told him I didn’t see any payment at all. He verified our email address and insisted he made a payment and that he had an email receipt from Paypal to prove it. He even offered to send it to me.

I explained that Paypal sends me my own notification email whenever someone makes a payment, and that I hadn’t received one.

‘Check your spam folder,’ he suggested, ‘it might have ended up in there.’

‘No,’ I told him, ‘my Paypal emails never go in there.’

But as I am talking, I click on my bulk mail folder and there in black and white are not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR emails that list Paypal as the sender. One by one I click them open to find that they, of course, are not real receipts. In fact, they are not even good fakes. He had changed the name on his email account to make it look like they came from Paypal, but the return email addresses were weird and included the word ‘banana’.

‘Hey,’ I said, ‘ I just found your receipt in my bulk folder.’

‘Great!’ he says.

‘Actually, I found all four receipts, but they aren’t from Paypal, they are from you.’


“Are you ‘Banana Man ____’ ?”


And that was that. Of course we forwarded his emails to the fraud department at Paypal, and we even added our own reports to a couple of those warning sites where I learned about his dastardly ways. Hopefully doing so will help someone else avoid falling victim to this guy.

This was an amazing example of intuition at work. If I hadn’t listened to my intuition I might have given this guy the benefit of the doubt, Donna Marie would have given him his reading, and she never would have gotten paid for it.

But I DID listen to my inner voice. I heard it and acted upon it. The result, as it always is when you listen to your intuition, was undoubtedly for my best and highest good.

Trust your intuition. I did and it helped us avoid a messy situation!

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  1. So I hear you’re wanting to write a book and already have the title! Sooooo, any idea when your book will be available?? If you’re feeling the desire to write a book, then get on it!! Isn’t that what you would tell someone?! Yes, I’m sure it is. Kind of funny. I had a similar conversation yesterday. Only it was me being told to go for it. So. When I heard you were wanting to a write a book, I had to pay it forward! So, GO FOR IT! Yoyr new website looks great, by the way! Congratulations!!

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