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Psychometry - Reading the energy of objects!

What is psychometry?

We’ve talked a lot about using your intuition to connect with Spirit, with other people, and even with the living parts of nature, but this month in the Free To Be Psychic Inner Circle we are exploring your ability to connect with the energy of objects! Click here to be save your seat at this exciting masterclass!

Reading the energy or vibes of an object is a fascinating way to play with your intuition. In fact, it has a fancy name – Psychometry! It’s all about using your intuition to pick up on the energy or ‘vibes’ left by an object’s owner.

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to some things in your world, and not to others? The simple answer is that you resonate with the energy of some things, and you don’t resonate with the energy of others. But what is it really that you are resonating or not resonating with?

Well, it’s easy to think of the material things in your world – jewelry, clothing, books, cars, etc. – as inanimate or lifeless. In reality though, these objects all have their own unique energy, some of which you are attracted to, and some of which you are not.

But personal objects like these also tend to absorb the vibrational patterns or energy of their owner. This is because the things you handle a lot, the things you care for, the things that have an emotional meaning for you; these things become connected to you and you to them.

You, as an energetic being yourself, can pick up on, or ‘read’ this energy intuitively.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this many times before in your own life.

Have you ever gotten a hand-me-down piece of clothing or picked up clothing at a second hand store? And have you ever felt, at least at first, that, even though you like it, it just didn’t feel right? It didn’t feel ‘yours’? Over time though, and often without you noticing, you discover that those feelings lessen and eventually it becomes ‘yours’.

The same is true of a new house, apartment, or car. At first you don’t feel connected to your new environment, but eventually that connection is strengthened and you feel at home there.

This energetic connection deepens over time and leaves a kind of psychic imprint behind – one that can be felt and explored by opening your intuition and connecting with the energy of a thing.

Learn how to use Psychometry

And you can do this intentionally! Want to learn how? We’ll be doing it together, live, on our masterclass in a couple of weeks. The class is free for Inner Circle members, and we’d love to have you join us for this experience.

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Signs From the Universe

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Oct 282020

SignsIs the universe sending you signs and signals?  If it is, are you aware of them?  Are you taking advantage of them? Or are you troubled and confused by the apparent contradictory signs that you receive from the universe?

If so, you aren’t alone! In fact, you are experiencing the same challenges that many of us face when it comes to receiving and acting on guidance from sources outside of ourselves.

I believe that there are two main areas where you can get hung up when it comes to interpreting signs and guidance from the universe,.

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Aug 102020
Donna Marie & Bob CrawfordOne of the toughest parts about accessing your natural connection with the divine, in my opinion, is this issue of waiting for some sort of permission, permission to actually do these amazing things that somehow seem outside the bounds of what we believe to be our reality.
Intuition, precognitive dreams, and everything else that falls under the heading of being ‘woo woo’, often seem like superpowers that only a special few can have access to.

I think the reason we feel that we need to be given this gift or given permission to use these other forms of perception come from our belief systems. We simply don’t believe that we can connect with other people or come to gain information in a way outside our normal five senses.

And that’s what stops a lot of people from experiencing so much of what is really going on around them. And I’m not just talking about things outside of their five senses. I’m talking about everyday life. we don’t believe there’s a solution to our problem so we walk by a half dozen solutions. We don’t believe that we’re strong enough, so we act weak. We don’t believe that we’re smart enough, so we act accordingly. We don’t believe that we could connect with energies of other people, therefore we don’t.

Beliefs are truly at the root of your ability to experience or not experience anything in this world.

You believe that a thing is either possible or impossible. And that belief colors everything you do and creates limits around what you can achieve.

And this isn’t to be confused with your desire. Because you can desire a thing from the depths of your heart, and still believe that you can’t achieve it. It’s never enough to simply want change, it’s about believing that you can change. And the only way to do that is to actually change so that you see the change and know that you have gone through it. It’s kind of like fear, the only way to conquer fear is actually do the thing you’re afraid of.

You have to give yourself permission to succeed, to move from where you are to where you want to be!
Dec 072017

Here’s an easy way to practice your psychic ability using a simple intuition exercise I created for you! These intuition exercises give you the opportunity to practice listening to your inner voice. Learning to trust that inner voice is the key to gaining access to your psychic gifts.

Develop your psychic ability

Don’t second guess yourself!

One of the hard parts for a lot of people is undoing the habit of second guessing themselves. Do you do this? I’m sure you do. We all do. We do it all day long. We talk ourselves out of a particular choice and later discover that our first choice or our first instinct was right in the first place.

As you develop your psychic ability you will get better at acknowledging and accepting the divine guidance that is whispering to you, but the problem is that divine whisper is often overpowered by the shouting of your ego and your logical mind. So you have to start by letting yourself listen.

Acknowledge that first instinct or that first choice and force yourself to pause before committing to a choice. If your first instinct ‘feels’ right, go with it!


Feel Your Choices

The reason I think a lot of people struggle to develop their psychic ability is that they are waiting for some cosmic voice to come over the loudspeaker in their brain and announce the correct choice or provide the guidance they seek. But it rarely works like that.

Psychic impressions or divine guidance can come through in many different forms and how you receive psychic information may not be truly in the way you are looking for. Yes, your guidance may manifest in a voice, or whisper, that you can hear. Or it may occur as an image that flashes in your minds eye. Or it could manifest as a ‘feeling’ or ‘being drawn’ towards a particular choice. These are all ways that your physical brain and body can translate psychic information.

No matter how your psychic impressions manifest, you want to recognize the energetic shift when it happens and acknowledge it. And that is much easier when your mind is quiet.

You can do this quickly by centering or grounding yourself, taking a few relaxing breaths, and then focusing on the choices in front of you or the situation you wish to receive guidance around.

If you have specific choices, let yourself pause over each choice and ask yourself, how does the energy of this choice FEEL? Then go with the choice that feels the most powerful energetically.

Like anything, the more you do it, the better you will get and the more confident you will become in your abilities!


Intuition Exercise

Intuition ExerciseSo, to help you along I just posted another exercise for you practice your psychic ability on. You can access it here:

Teacups Intuition Exercise

When you get to that page be sure not to simply guess, let yourself feel the energy. And remember, it’s not about whether you are right or wrong, it’s about learning how to recognize and feel the energy!

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